Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Money is  never only preference to this person. His academic carrier is always good . After completion his  he starts practice at rural area to observe the people & diseases over here more minutely just for research purpose. Looking the huge cost burden in Asthma treatment he starts thinking how the cost can be minimized. That was 2003. Since then he is keeping the data bank of his patients. In 2006 he starts fully practicing life ,besides a academic life ,he is keeping data of some specific diseases of his own interest, out of his keen academic nature to track the disease progress with his treatment.
Since 2006 he is tracking his patients with ASTHMA & so many other diseases.
Among these, he wanted to have a clinical trial registration under ICMR for the work with asthma to publish his work in international journal just for academic interest. That was 2008-09. ICMR gave him a UPTRN Number under WHO. But when he started perusing this number in 2010,he found that The ICMR has started a new web format. And all previous data is lost.
However this time he found that, to have this CRTI-NUMBER, he needs AN ETHICAL COMMITTEE'S PERMISSION.  [ Though This is neither any special trial or any serious experiment with bodily organs . This was just some analysis from his  prescriptions ,patient's data & follow up .]
With a long struggle he came to know that he have to contact with medical college for this works. They have asked for hard copies of his research proposal to discuss in committee.
 He sent his idea in form of an ordinary paper in a famous journal. They denied to publish it because there was no peer review.They replied that this might have impact in society, so, though the idea is interesting , because of this ,they are unable to publish.He sent this in some free academic web sites.
In the mean time this same research is undertaken by NCBI in 2011.
Now even he starts his work with permission, chronologically that will be a latter one.
The research's world is a race. At a same time, perhaps the same idea or work is going on in different parts of the world. But one have to prove that he is the first to make that .And in this race of research, 'the time lapse', 'cordial support', 'seriousness',- all counts.Previously Sir J C Bose, Dr Subhas Mukhopadhyay  all have been defeated in this race. This is the strategy of us.
Matter of frustration is that the idea or academy is suffering from the disease of laws & regulations.
When a doctor is under an institution , his papers of any quality or by any means is acceptable,  but independently to publish any original work is next to impossible.
Is this in India Or in all countries?
Then there is no scope for this type of doctor or scientist to continue his work?
Then SCIENCE is only for institution & employed fellows!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

On The Wings Of An Eagle-John Denver

Monday, January 18, 2016

Ahalyabai Holkar The great

In India there were appearance of great Ranies for so many times through all over Her territory. Among them  very famous are 1. JNASI KI RANI-LAKSHMIBAI, 2.AHALYABAI HOLKAR-THE GREAT MAHARANI,3.RANI RASMONI OF BENGAL,4. RANI VABANI OF BENGAL, 5.SULTANA  RIZIA etc. 
Every body is eminent and memorable for each of their contributions.
Maharani Ahalyabai is specially important as because during her  'Kingship' she carried out so many humanitarian works. And the revival of Sanatan sacred places which are  being worshiped today from times immemorial happened during Her period.
To the Sadhu’s world SHE WAS A SAINT. To the common people SHE WAS A MOTHER.To the rulers SHE WAS AN EFFICIENT RULER.
Today whatever we see as a tourist or pilgrimage in different  ancient places of India, almost all are reconstructed by THE GREAT AHALYABAI.
  Her life span was 70 years. We do remember , in India The battle of Palasi happened in 1757. And the 'Sipahi Bidroha' was in1857. 'Palasi' means around the time of British invasion in India. 'Sipahi  Revolt ' means the important revolt against their ruling from India.
Ahalyabai’s period was at the time of British invasion. So her dynasty was under the close contact of the British. And according them Her image was 'Great'.
Till date only few rulers has so complete image; SRI SRI RAMACHANDRAJI, SRI VIKRAMADITYA, CHANDRAGUPTA MOURYA, THE GREAT ASHOKA ,THE GREAT AQBBUR and RANI HOLKAR AHALYABAI are only the names adored in this category. 
To me Rani Ahalyabai, Rani Vabani and Rani Rasmoni are the RUPAS[FORM] of SRI  SRI DURGA MATA.
So she has really become immortal. 
 In Indore  the University, the Airport have been established by Her name. In West Bengal the road

from Howrah to Benaras  through Arambag,Joyrambati, Kotulpur , Bankura, Purulia, Patna ,Benaras is renamed from BENARAS ROAD TO AHALYABAI ROAD. Through which DELHI  ALSO COULD BE REACHED. AND  this is the shortest route by car from Kolkata to Benaras /Delhi. Another road is GT ROAD.
But the point of despair is ,this great facts even being a doctor I have come to know  very latter. In child hood and student hood we did not read this information.  
This type of encouraging topics should be incorporated in study books. So that students become acquainted with the contributions of GREAT INDIAN LADIES.

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Important Links;  1. http://www.hinduhistory.info/maharani-ahilyabai-holkar-1725-1795/